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Feb 2021


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Mark-making in the recent paintings is not an index of expression, where the traces of paint are irrevocably tied to the artist’s sensations. Instead, the registration of the mark, and its emphasis upon material facture, explicitly foregrounds the contingency of the image. The continual adjustments and elisions of the surface create the sense of an image perpetually in flux. [...]

Dec 2020

Dirty Practice:
Make-shift studio from home

4 Dec 2020, 12- 6 PM  

The omnipresence of homeworking has become one of the key features of life in recent months as a consequence of the pandemic. Artists work in makeshift studio spaces at home whilst cooking the tea, caring for family or being confined to a bedroom where they eat, sleep, socialise and ostensibly work – in this context questions of the studio space and practices needs to be reviewed.

As part of this Dirty Practice event we continue to focus on close interconnections between practices, art education and space.  We wish to ask to what extend the new situation impacts on opportunities to build communities, give a sense of belonging and allows for the appearance of digital ‘messy spaces’.

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September 2020

Wet Paint
Painting Workshop

Outside here understood as outdoors, as well as outside certain norms and restrictions and how the two sides might overlap.

Revisiting established forms of  plein-air or landscape painting,  we will discuss the advantages and opportunities of working outside and responding to the surrounding in a very immediate way. This  raises questions not only of ways of representing spaces (while being in the space) , yet also painting practices and social forms of painting (including working together in a socially distanced way in an outside space).

In the first session we will discuss ideas such as represention of  spaces, the idea of ‘alla prima’ painting and the differences between painting in the studio and outside.

August /September 2020

Town Moor Paintings

A series of plein-air paintings created at Newcastle Town Moor.

During two months of August and September 2020 more than 40 paintings, oil and acrylic on Fabriano paper have been completed on site. The paintings build a larger body of work and an ongoing interest in outdoors painting and will be shown in an exhibition soon.



Exhibition, Crown Street Art Gallery, Darlington
No in-between
Tuesday 22 - Wednesday 30 October 2019

The exhibition explores the idea of erosion, collapse, constant change imposed on everyday objects and environments. The paintings in this exhibition deal with a slippery setting, endless ambiguities and its productive potential. In this instability bodies seem to dissolve and images to disintegrate, leaving the viewer with a sense of ‘no pauses, no in-between’. Spaces and objects are bound to collapse, yet simultaneously something new emerges.

In Conversation/ Vernissage:
Christian Mieves in conversation with Matthew Hearn.
Crown Street Art Gallery, Darlington Library, Thursday 24 OCT 2019, (Doors open 6.00pm, starts 6.30pm)

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Paper Gallery, Manchester.

with Brendan Fletcher

28 September - 9 November 2019

Private View: Thursday 26 Sept 2019, 6-9 PM.

Unit 12
Mirabel Studios
14-20 Mirabel Street
M3 1PJ


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Journal of Contemporary Painting

Interview with American Artist
David Schutter

In this conversation American painter David Schutter and the author discuss key aspects of Schutter’s work. Schutter (born 1974), whose work makes reference to major European painting collections, explores in his work the relation to tradition and repetition of artistic conventions. His work, presented at ‘Documenta 14’ (2017), often employs strategies of radical limitation of the colour scheme, and restriction of visibility, sometimes blackening out the image plane altogether.

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21 April - 25 Mai 2018
BePoet, Frankfurt, Germany
Langenhainerstr. 26 / Ecke Idsteinerstr.
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Die hier gezeigte Auswahl von Arbeiten zeigt Öl Malerei auf Blechdosen (Coke, Bier, Soft Drinks etc.). Die Dosen im Laufe der Jahre aus den meisten Stadtbildern in Deutschland verschwunden, in England (aufgrund eines fehlendend Pfand Systems) noch sehr präsent,    zeigen die Bilder  „Landschaften’ , die wie die Blechdosen selbst, oft übersehen und kurzlebig sind. Kurze flüchtige Skizzen von scheinbar unbedeutende Kompositionen.


Artist Talk

Panel Discussion: Object Relations

1 Feb 2018, 2 PM

Andrew Bracey, Euripides Altintzoglou, Christian Mieves

N.T., 2015, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm


Object Relations:
Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, Nuneaton

Sat Dec 23, 2017 to Sun, Feb 11, 2018, 
Photographs and paintings of everyday objects are displayed alongside each other in this exciting 2-person show. Artists Christian Mieves and Euripides Altintzoglou present a body of work which plays with ideas of uncertainty and surprise. The images exhibited show objects which should be familiar to the viewer, yet they are depicted in a way which makes the items less easy to understand and recognise. Does this show make you think differently about the way objects are usually represented in pictures? Are you mostly looking at the object or at the image? What do these images say to you?

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Nuneaton Museum 

Abstrakter Gegenstand: Neue Malerei von Christian Mieves

7 - 13 Oktober 2017, Vernissage: Freitag 6 Oktober 2017, 18-21 Uhr

Documentation by Wolfgang Schallon of the Vernissage of the Exhibition Abstrakter Gegenstand - Neue Malerei von Christian Mieves
Freitag 6 Oktober 2017, 18-21 Uhr at PENG Mainz

PENG | Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Design, Kunst und Kommunikation e.V. Mainz, Weisenauer Straße 15, Mainz, Deutschland, 55131 Mainz; 

Bankley Open Call & Open Studios 2017

Private View:  Fri 6th October 2017, 6-9pm

Exhibition continues 6th – 28th October 2017
Open 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st & 28th October 12-4pm

Bankley Studios & Gallery
Bankley Street, Levenshulme
Manchester, M19 3PP

Wonder in Contemporary Artistic Practice

Edited by Christian Mieves, Irene Brown
2017 – Routledge

308 pages | 8 Color Illus. | 32 B/W Illus.

 Summer Lodge 2017, NTU Nottingham

3rd July– 14thJuly 2017, Nottingham.For ten days each July, the Fine Art studios and workshops of Nottingham Trent University are transformed into The Summer Lodge and play host to a gathering of thirty diverse artists. It is intended as an opportunity to think through making by being able to work for a while without many of the usual constraints and distractions.  Summer Lodge 2017


New Bridge Project Studio Newcastle

August-September 2017

Dirty Practice: A Painting Workshop and the Hidden Curriculum

Christian Mieves and Maggie Ayliffe, ‘Dirty Practice: A Painting Workshop and the Hidden Curriculum’ in Ian Hartshorne, Donal Moloney, Magnus Quaife (eds) Teaching Painting, Black Dog. (ISBN: 978-1911164104)


Recent Paintings/ Christian Mieves

Eagle Works Gallery
Alexandra Street, Wolverhampton,

28 April – 7 May 2017
Viewing by appointment
Private view: Thursday 27 April 2017, 6:30-9.00 PM

Zehn Jahre Später


Vernissage of the Exhibition
Zehn Jahre Später/ Ten Years Later.
Rathaus Galerie Mainz, 27 Nov 2013

Dirty Practice: The Role of the Artist’s Studio
Research Project  2015- present

This initiative sets out to explore critically the current artistic framework where manual skills and studio based practices are increasingly denigrated in favour of conceptual or socially engaged art practices. This is partly mirrored in the educational structures (and spaces) found in the new HEI environment where Fine Art departments are increasingly relocated into non-purpose-built, inadequate office type spaces without workshop support. More


Erosion and Illegibility of Images
One-day Symposium
Friday 31 Oct 2014

The New Art Gallery Walsall


Zehn Jahre Später. Exhibition 2013-14, Rathaus Mainz, Germany


Drawing Project

See samples of recent drawings




Highlights from the preview of Christian Mieves's exhibition WRECKED ON A DESERT ISLAND. Myles Meehan Gallery, Darlington Arts Centre. United Kingdom (2010)



Turps Banana
Painting Magazine

Issue #14 Out 24th July 2014

Christian Mieves interviews Dana Schutz –

See more at:Turps Banana


Revisiting the Beach

Journal of Visual Art Practice Vol 9 (3), 2010

Philippe Cygan & Christian Mieves

Spezial Issue in connection with a symposium and exhibition.

Participants:  Richard Forster, Joana Duarte Bernardes, Jane Darke, John Fox, Peter Burleigh & Sophie Jung, Cath Keay,
Judith Tucker, Christian Mieves.